This is basically a place to vent on the good, the bad, and the indifferent things that I come across day to day. Interested? Well hang around and see what happens…

You may be asking what a Mole thinks? Well finally your questions can be answered. Mostly reports on new technology, humor when it strikes, breaking news when interesting and other cool tech gadgets. OH yea, as much Apple stuff as possible!

So who is The Mole?? That would defeat the purpose now wouldn’t it. Think of this as an intersting psychological experiment. This could be a blog of the person who sent it to you, OR just some random Joe Schmo on the other side of the world.

Who do YOU think I am??? The world may never know…

Speakeasy Speed Test


4 responses

20 09 2006
Jeff Blankenship

I know who you are…Nu Nu, Nu Nu, Nu Nu, Nu Nu MAC MAN!! Names have been changed to protect the…innocent? Guilty?

25 09 2006
Joe Wasser

Not only do I know The Mole, I created him! (Insert evil laugh here.)

14 01 2007
Bill Durham


I don’t care what Joe says, your OK by me.


24 07 2007

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